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Best of 2014

Happy New Year to everyone!  I thought I’d take a few minutes to look back on 2014 and reflect on some of the more memorable photos I collected (unfortunately many pics just are not saved).  If your home happens to be included, please know, I’m laughing with you.  Here we go.

Check it out…I installed an egress window well.  OK, I’m getting to the well part.

Best of 2014 - 27
Alternative – and effective – use for a car jack.

Best of 2014 - 26
Air-conditioner coil used for handrail.  Nice.  Now I don’t need to install one.

Best of 2014 - 25
A home-made air exchanger (homeowner was an engineer…..I’m just saying).

Best of 2014 - 24
In the time it takes you to make this label…….you can actually fix this toilet.

Best of 2014 - 23
“Exhaust vents shall maintain a continuous positive slope so that the exhaust vents properly” (clarification: positive means up).

Best of 2014 - 22
This homeowner was having a sale 🙂  Right before the inspection 😦
Thanks for setting all the breakables out for me.

Best of 2014 - 17
By the way, Everything is for sale…..including……Dr Scholl’s foot spray.
If it’s half used, can I pay half?

Best of 2014 - 16

Best of 2014 - 20
How much are these new?….I think I’ll pass.

Best of 2014 - 21
I wonder if this basement has ever had water before?  What do you think?
Maybe it’s just a clever way to water the tree.  Don’t underestimate human ingenuity.

Best of 2014 - 19
Where the heck did the ladder go?  I haven’t seen it since fall (fall of ’05).

Best of 2014 - 11
Whenever I see this, I immediately begin worrying.

Best of 2014 - 4

What do you mean it’s wrong.  The water goes down, doesn’t it?  Well….doesn’t it?

Best of 2014 - 18
There is a product for gaps like these.  It’s called flashing (not to be mistaken with spray foam in a can).

Best of 2014 - 15
Speaking of spray foam……Not sure why the opening to this block was sealed.  It’s an interior wall.  At least no bugs will crawl into the opening….after they are already inside the home.

Best of 2014 - 13
“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!”

Best of 2014 - 12
I’m sure that wire from 1920 is quite capable of powering the light….and the opener….and the wall outlets….

Best of 2014 - 10
This sink drains into the shower.  I hope you don’t mind toothpaste residue on the shower floor.

Best of 2014 - 7
How about if we just drain the air-conditioner into the toilet as well?  Hey, it all goes to the same place.

Best of 2014 - 8
I see alot of scary decks.  This one is up there.

Best of 2014 - 6

Not sure how the single-ply beams hadn’t tipped over yet.  But give it time.

Best of 2014 - 5
Gas pipes can make effective door stops.  I’d probably just go with the traditional hardware……I believe it will set you back $2.50.

Best of 2014 - 3
Dang….I swear I measured that twice.

Best of 2014 - 2
This home had ice dam problems and the roof was raked from the deck.  The roof rake was then naturally stored next to the deck……also right next to the power lines.  Please don’t lift the rake from here.

Best Of 2014 - 1
This garage door track was approximately 4 opens away from separating from the wall.

Best of 2014 - 30
Notebooks are great for…. stopping that rattling noise.

Best of 2014 - 31
This staircase likely was not stable when it was first built.  Now it’s just a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Best of 2014 - 77
Deferred maintenance……..Or clever substitute.  It all depends on how you look at it.

Best of 2014 - 76
Nice wire junction here.

Best of 2014 - 73
Flashing was installed at the base of this chimney.  That’s good.

Best of 2014 - 52
Of course this won’t work real well.  Almost done though!

Best of 2014 - 53

This pipe makes a great clothes hanger.  Of course, not the best idea, since the pipe is carrying explosive natural gas.

Best of 2014 - 75

I never did find a drainpipe for this basement bathroom sink, and wondered where this water ever flowed to.  Perhaps a large bucket was used at one time.

Best of 2014 - 74

Any thoughts on where water will flow when it rains?  If you said inside the garage, you are correct!

Best of 2014 - 79

When this back side addition was built, the power lines were not relocated.

Best of 2014 - 56
Now they touch the roof.  Please stay off the roof.

Best of 2014 - 57

Hey, it feels pretty stuffy in here.  Can you turn the fan on?……..wait!  turn it off!  Turn it off!


This window well cover also substitutes as a great trap for humans.  I think the same design was used by the VC in the Vietnam War.

Best of 2014 - 72

Zinc strips are effective at controlling algae growth on certain types of shingles.  I suspect the manufacturer wanted ALL of these to be placed at the ridge area.  Of course this does have a nice artistic look to it.

Best of 2014 - 70

This furnace exhaust pipe had separated in the attic and was allowing exhaust fumes to accumulate in the attic space.  That’s a bad thing in case you’re wondering.

Best of 2014 - 69

Chimneys are usually out of sight – out of mind.  This one looked pretty bad on the outside…

Best of 2014 - 50

…and even worse on the inside

Best of 2014 - 51

Here’s a strange one.  The chimney – clearly visible in the attic – was no longer in use.

Best of 2014 - 66

But why was it not visible in the basement?  Something is supposed to support it (usually a footing).

Best of 2014 - 67

There is now a nice pantry in the kitchen where it once existed.  Perhaps the top shelf is supporting the chimney now?  It’s not falling down, so I’m sure it’s all good.  Right?

Best of 2014 - 65

This house comes with a wood burning fireplace!  🙂  Unfortunately it does not come with a chimney 😦
– notice the daylight coming through the windows.

Best of 2014 - 64

This townhome did not come with a washer / dryer and this was the only place for it.  Hope the furnace never needs to be replaced…or repaired….or accessed in any way (there is that filter issue).

Best of 2014 - 63

When entering the garage from outside, please be aware of the IMMEDIATE step up.

Best of 2014 - 62

Uh, don’t use the bathroom if your shoe size is greater than 6 (it used to be size 4…prior to the modification).

Best of 2014 - 59
Standing at the rail is not recommended, so don’t put the keg there either.

Best of 2014 - 58

I don’t think this utility pole was included in the original design plan, but it is now CRUCIAL for support.

Best of 2014 - 54

The kids at this home must not have been tall enough to dunk.  Lucky for them.  This would have ripped off rather easily.

Best of 2014 - 55

Some product brands are more effective than others.  Very true with gutter guards.

Best of 2014 - 49

This is a nice looking staircase.

Best of 2014 - 47

But I just could not figure out what those posts were supporting.  I don’t think the fascia board has much load.

Best of 2014 - 48

This dryer vent had separated from its roof penetration and was blowing into the attic.

Best of 2014 - 45

On the up side……the lint accumulation was a nice way to increase insulation depth over time.

Best of 2014 - 46

Best of 2014 - 44

Does the home come with frames that match?

Best of 2014 - 42

I just like this one.

Best of 2014 - 43

This is one of the more obvious homeowner repairs I have ever seen.  Trusses were cut for the opener installation, which is never ok.

Best of 2014 - 40

Gotta give the homeowner credit for effort though.  Amazingly, this pattern was exact at each truss.  Obviously this was carefully thought out.

Best of 2014 - 41

I don’t know why, but all of the engineered truss plates had been replaced in this garage roof structure.

Best of 2014 - 37

Best of 2014 - 38

……pretty sure these plates were not “engineered”.

Best of 2014 - 39

Newly installed dishwasher and range!  Do you actually need to use the bottom rack?

Best of 2014 - 36

Sometimes you see cool stuff just driving to and from work.  That must have taken some time to balance properly.  Watch out for the bumps.

Best of 2014 - 35

This car must be sweet!……on the inside.

Best of 2014 - 34

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  1. Bret Hubert
    January 14, 2015 at 7:56 pm

    Hi Tim,

    Love the pics!
    Hope you and your family are well.
    I moved to Florida so maybe won’t have any more business for you.
    I appreciate all your great service over the years.

    Be well,

    • February 2, 2015 at 1:29 pm

      Bret – Thanks for writing. I’m happy to hear you are in a warm place and hope things are going well. You were a great guy to work with over the years and I really appreciated your business – particularly when I was in my first few years. Take care of yourself. I hope to run into you again sometime. Tim

  2. Girish Jorapurkar
    January 15, 2015 at 8:47 am

    Thanks for sharing. That was a good laugh to start the day. Happy New Year! /Girish

  3. Tyler DeArmond
    January 15, 2015 at 9:37 am

    Very fun pictures! Thanks!

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