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Ice Maker Not Working? Try This Easy Repair.

 Before calling the repair man, try this easy repair.

If your ice maker isn’t working, there’s a good chance that the water supply line is simply frozen.  This prevents the ice tray from filling and thus, stops the production of ice.  If this is the problem with your ice maker, there is likely a very simple method to get things working properly again.

First: Before proceeding, first make sure of the obvious; make sure the ice maker is on.

frenchdooricedispenseronandoff3If the shut off arm is in the up / horizontal position, the unit will not work.  The arm must be lowered for the unit to operate.

If the arm is in the proper position, the next step is to turn the power to the refrigerator / freezer off.  This will stop the production of cold air and will also allow the water line to begin thawing naturally.  You will not need to take all of your food out to conduct this repair, so feel free to leave all of your items in place, as long as you have access to the ice maker.

sample controls for cold air flow

sample controls for cold air flow

Next: clear away any ice that may have collected on the ice tray.  Be careful not to pry too hard at ice that is stuck – to avoid damage to the components.  If the ice does not remove easily, just leave it there (you will want to put a tray, or towel below any ice buildup to collect dripping water).

ice buildup on tray

ice buildup on tray

Next: Remove the ice storage bin and dump whatever ice is still remaining into the sink.  This is a good time to clean out the bin.

Next – Find the Supply Line

Your supply line should be about the width of your thumb.  Many are white, but different ones will vary in color.  The line will likely enter from the back wall and will connect to the ice tray.


Next – Get a Hair Dryer

Ge out your hair dryer and plug it into an outlet that is nearby, yet far away from anywhere that may get wet from the refrigerator. Use your hair dryer continuously on the fill tube to thaw it.  This should only take a few minutes.

Blow hot air over the ice tray as well.  Do this until you are satisfied that the supply line and tray have thawed completely.

Next – Turn the cold air flow back on

Once air flow is restored, you will need to put the cleaned ice bin back in place.  It should not be long before you hear the ice maker functioning again.  If this does not work, try heating the supply line one more time.  If that still has not resolved your problem, there likely is something else in need of repair.


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