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Adjust HRV (Air-Exchanger) Control

A Heat Recovery Ventilator / Air-Exchanger must also be adjusted periodically in order to function properly. As always, it is best to refer to your owners manual for proper operating instructions, but generally the control knob is adjusted as the outdoor temperature changes (just like a humidifier).FallMaintenaceAirExchangerI

The control unit shown in these photos is commonly found in modern Twin Cities homes.

During the fall, winter and spring months, the control dial should be pointed toward the average outdoor daytime temperature. In this case, the knob is pointed to 23 degrees F. As the temperature drops, the knob is adjusted accordingly.

During summer months, set the control knob to the “summer” position.

Air-Exchangers also have filers that need to be cleaned periodically.  If you are like most homeowners, you rarely clean these, but it is important (pre-filters should be cleaned every 3 months and the core filter should be cleaned annually).

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